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Rachel Fannan and the coolest bands in Cali


Rachel Fannan was that surprise guest at a roof show a few years back who made everyone mist up with her accapella take on Roy Orbison’s “Crying.” She used to be the singer in Sleepy Sun and has recorded with J. Mascis, Mike Watt and Cedric Bixler-Zavala. Last year she even won an Emmy for her rendition of “Beautiful Dreamer” for Canon. Now she’s up from LA to return to the roof with her original songs and electric band Only You. As if that wasn’t enough, opening is another evocative LA band Nick Castro & the Young Elders, of whom the LA Times observed: “Exotic sounds are always waiting to run away with the melodic line or shift the vibe over several continents. It’s a neo-folk trip on steroids.” And then there’s Moonside, brainchild of SF’s Camille Rose, ex Mister Midnight, which starts as pop and then takes some delightfully sick twists and turns. A surfeit of musical awesomeness made almost too much to bear by a DJ set from the evening’s co-producer, former Vortex proprietor and longtime friend of the Tip Neil Martinson.