“We’ve changed!” says Big Tobacco

Guess what? The industry that’s responsible for more death and disease than any other and continues to peddle six trillion cigarettes a year is now your friend. Go figure.

That’s right, the tobacco industry is in the middle of a massive rebrand — one where they want you to believe that they’re acting in the best interest of public health. One where they alone can solve the problem that they, of course, created in the first place. And how is Big T going to swing that? With vapes and other smokeless products that not only can be more addictive, but come with their own lengthy list of health harms.

Their friendship is fantasy and their solution a fraud. And our new 360-degree campaign is here to dispel the disinformation and sound the alarm.

The TV and online spots, shot by renowned director Emmanuel Adjei, depict worlds of pastel serenity and high-tech sheen slowly peeled back to reveal the isolation, addiction and harm beneath. For the outdoor and other static work, we recreated the feeling of being a victim of tobacco’s fantasyland, using fractured portraiture juxtaposed with tranquil color spaces.

The campaign is running across California and reaching at-risk audiences in six different languages.