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Empathy over stigma

DC is honored to have been selected by the state of CA to tackle one of the most challenging issues of our generation. And to be covered in AdAge.

screenshot of article from Ad Age. Headline reads "California names Duncan Channon lead agency on $40 million opioid education campaign."

We’ve got the story below or give AdAge a click and read it here.

By Aleda Stam

The California Department of Health has named San Francisco-based Duncan Channon as the lead creative and media agency for a new $40 million opioid education campaign.

The two-year contract was decided after an RFP process initiated by the state in October that called for a California agency with no conflicts of interest, including work with tobacco, e-cigarette, cannabis or pharmaceutical companies.

The campaign comes as fentanyl-related deaths have surged in the last few years, more than tripling among Californians aged 20-34 between 2018 and 2020. The $40 million allotment is part of $45.8 million allocated to the state’s Opioid Settlements Fund State Operations, which consists of settlement money from litigation with companies accused of contributing to the opioid crisis including McKinsey, Janssen Pharmaceuticals (owned by Johnson & Johnson), McKesson, Cardinal Health and AmerisourceBergen.

The campaign will start in two phases. In the first, Duncan Channon will immediately begin media planning and buying for an existing Centers for Disease Control education campaign. It wasn’t immediately clear which agency produced that campaign.

In the second, Duncan Channon will start strategizing to develop a new campaign that defines the opioid and fentanyl crisis for Californians, displays the paths that can lead to opioid use and connects to those most at risk—young adults aged 16-39.

In an effort to “meet people where they are,” the agency is giving the campaign a tone of empathy instead of using scare tactics, said Duncan Channon CEO and Partner Andy Berkenfield.

“The last thing we are going to do is wag a finger at anybody or follow the failed tactics of ‘Just Say No,’ which has never really worked,” Berkenfield said. “The state strongly believes—and we are very much in line with them—that our job is to engage in empathetic conversation and ultimately reduce harm.”

It will also work to normalize new strategies to reduce the prevalence of opioid and fentanyl overdose instances, which includes raising awareness about how teens and young adults carrying Narcan can help save someone experiencing a fentanyl overdose. Properly conveying that message also means navigating the often contentious parent-teen relationships and breaking down stigmas.

“We have to bring those groups of people together and have them have a shared understanding,” Berkenfield said. “We want parents to be supportive of kids who want to bring Narcan to a party, so we have to look at the situation from both sides of the conversation.”

The work is expected to launch in 2024 and will include creative to target Latino, Black and AANHPI communities through partnerships with agency partners Acento and APartnership. The public education effort will include TV, radio, out-of-home, social and digital media and influencer activations, as well as unpaid media by partner PR agency Berlin Rosen.

This is Duncan Channon’s latest win in California’s public service and health space. The agency won a $40 million contract from the state in 2021 to create a campaign strengthening public support for vaccines. The agency also worked on a statewide effort to raise awareness for COVID therapeutics this year and has led multicultural integrated public education work for the California Tobacco Prevention Program since 2015.

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A half gallon of Horizon Organic whole milk sits on a living room coffee table next to a half-full glass of milk and a few children’s alphabet blocks. The campaign line, “this milk means business” is the headline, below the Horizon Organic logo. Behind the type we see a child’s feet; she’s standing on the table.

Horizon Organic did not come to play.

In DC’s new campaign the organic dairy trailblazer takes nutrition as seriously as kids navigating a floor covered in make believe lava. That is to say: very, very seriously.

Director of brand strategy, Kelleen Peckham, holds the silver award for the Jay Chiat award presentation.

DC’s strategy team brings home an esteemed Jay Chiat Award

Duncan Channon’s "Nicotine Equals" campaign strategy, intended to awaken parents to the teen vaping epidemic, got the judges attention at this year’s 4A’s Jay Chiat Awards.

“We’ve changed!” says Big Tobacco

Guess what, all? The industry that’s responsible for more death and disease than any other and continues to peddle six trillion cigarettes a year is now your friend. Go figure.

A new spin on IPA packaging

Most IPA cans today look like they were designed by the dude that did the Iron Maiden albums. All skulls and green lightning, giving full testosterone and acne vibes. So when tasked with driving a new look for Golden Road’s Ride On series, we banged a uey.

Cover photo for a story about the Viator’s brand redesign. Included in the image are a barefoot 20-something female-presenting person in a pink tunic and mauve hijab. She’s walking in an empty hall with Middle Eastern architectural details. Also included is an image of a person in a red sari, ornate golden necklace and stack of wrist bangles. The image includes the brand’s new tagline “Hello, adventure

A wanderlust-worthy rebrand

Inspired by the shapes and colors of dream destinations, DC rebrands Viator for a new wave of planning-adverse adventurers.

R.J. Shaugnessy brought his signature style to capture the aloha energy in a photography shoot featuring all local talent and locations spanning the island. How cute are these people? Don’t you want to hang out with them in Hawaii and drink Kona Big Waves? 

Kona Big Wave goes even bigger

After a decade of leading creative for Kona Big Wave, DC’s “Bring the Aloha” campaign relaunches the brand for a broader audience, moving beyond its craft roots to a priority position in AB InBev’s premium beer portfolio.

a small plate of orange chicken sit in the lower half of the frame, next to a box of InnovAsian brand Orange Chicken. Above it, there is a square wooden plate with an adorable, smiling food-art dog made out of orange slides and black olives.

InnovAsian finds balance, and big results.

A blend of content creators and traditional photoshoots was the perfect recipe to increase InnovAsian’s engagement on social – without breaking the budget.

DC appoints first Managing Director, Kumi Croom

A game changer since her arrival six years ago, Kumi will lead account and project management and continue to shape DC’s culture and client relationships.

Two men sitting side by side viewed at an angle. The man in the back is clean shaven, wears a yellow t-shirt and a black bucket hat and is leaning back with his eyes closed. Man in the forefront is leaning back looking at the camera with a slight smile and wears a patterned t-shirt, amber colored 70’s style sunglasses with a short afro and goatee. A large text overlay in bright yellow reads, “you golden?” and partially covers the rear man’s face.

This Golden Road work isn’t good

People always ask: You good? But that indicates a pretty baseline, “just okay” type of good. DC’s new campaign for Golden Road asks a question that aims a little higher from a city that does the same.

El Secreto esta en el balance

Nuestro nuevo comercial para la cerveza Mango Cart de Golden Road establece una conexión alegre entre la tradición Mexicana de bailar mientras se equilibra una cerveza abierta en la cabeza con el sabor de la deliciosa cerveza con infusión de mango de Golden Road.

Drink to the future

Organic wine industry pioneer, Bonterra Organic Estates, bolsters brand leader status with a future forward, fashionably chic campaign from DC.

Photo image of a young girl diving into the ocean with bubbles framing the bottom right and side of the image. There is another person’s leg with a swimming fin coming out from the bottom right side. A curved headline near the top left in white type reads, “Go dunk yourself.” and the white Outrigger O Icon is at the center bottom.

Voyaging past the reef

Ahead of their 75th anniversary, our friends at Outrigger Resorts asked us to help elevate the brand for a global stage.

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