This Golden Road work isn’t good

People always ask: You good? But that indicates a pretty baseline, “just okay” type of good. DC’s new campaign for Golden Road asks a question that aims a little higher from a city that does the same.

Two men sitting side by side viewed at an angle. The man in the back is clean shaven, wears a yellow t-shirt and a black bucket hat and  is leaning back with his eyes closed. Man in the forefront is leaning back looking at the camera with a slight smile and wears a patterned t-shirt, amber colored 70’s style sunglasses with a short afro and goatee. A large text overlay in bright yellow reads, “you golden?” and partially covers the rear man’s face.

The ‘You Golden?’ campaign builds awareness and affinity for Golden Road Brewing as an authentic, multicultural Los Angeles-born brand, while showcasing its top-selling products, Mango Cart and Ride On IPA. 

Shot by director Marie Schuller as an homage to the LA culture that is too often underrepresented in favor of glossy Hollywood imagery, two playful TV spots feature real Angelenos enjoying themselves in their yards and neighborhoods with the help of Golden Road. 

16MM film gives a warmer, grittier aesthetic and an all-BIPOC cast allows Angelenos to see a brand that sees them back. LA bands provide the soundtrack and the “You Golden?” tagline was hand-drawn by local LA artist, Lorena Roquee. Gracias to the City of Angels for all the inspiration.