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Having developed a new, more streamlined logo, the DC design crew set about creating a new look overall, with richer, more contemporary colors, more assertive type and a heavy rule to help keep it organized. The new look also called for an artful, considered style of photography — with pictures that were iconic, dynamic, modern and yet timeless.

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California Tobacco Control Program

Every modern media consumer knows that the asterisk on an ad represents missing or even misleading information — basically, it’s a red flag. In this case, the asterisk sums up the giant holes in consumers’ knowledge about vaping. The richly ominous — yet contemporary — colors carry their own caveat message, as does the mysterious, stripped-down photography.

Stride-Rite-B4C-05 Stride-Rite-B4C-06-alt

Stride Rite

The venerable Stride Rite brand is fundamentally about parents enjoying their kids and coping. So the glorious, sometimes muddy messes your child gets into are, in the new brand identity, accompanied by uncluttered layouts and clean type, often in a clean bounding box. Like the parents, that type is thoroughly modern, and, for a sans-serif, carries a great deal of warmth. And the photography is joyously colorful and candid.

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Rolling again

After nine years in a wilderness of declining sales and confused staffers, the 30-year-old Hard Rock came in for a DC rebrand, encompassing everything from logo and brand book to menus, merchandise, memorabilia and a music annual, among other fun things.

blurb-brand-book-beauty-inspires-spread blurb-packaging blurb-rebrand blurb-brand-stories-are-everywhere

Pretty precious

The pioneering custom book publisher Blurb is all about giving the public’s precious pictures the pretty settings they deserve — all about good design, in other words. This branding project, which touched on a brand book, logo, packaging and more, was in part about helping the company understand that, inspiring staff and intriguing consumers.

farrier-countenance farrier-andiron

Future past

Farrier, the new wine brand from the high-end division of Kendall-Jackson, arrived with an authentic backstory. The winery property had been the home and office and, in effect, a community meeting place for the popular local horsehoer, a history that would be carried into the name and packaging.

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interasia-brochure-cover interasia-business-card

Making waves

A major Asian firm acquired Interasia, a 50-year-old Taiwan shipping company, and wanted to signal to its youngish staff, no less than its customer companies, that the new Interasia was contemporary and future-facing. The new logo not only resembles a container, but shows motion and dimension, in striking colors.

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Our director of purpose practice, MJ Deery, has a byline in the latest Advertising Age urging brands to move beyond token diversity to richer, more meaningful “normalization.” If you missed it, you can find a tidy summation here. Smart and important stuff. You’d be wise to check it out.

DC is pleased to announce the arrival of Noël Johnson as our first director of marketing and client engagements. Noël’s here to help us secure and onboard new clients, but also to continue engaging over time as a true client advocate. Her hybrid role offers clients additional senior leadership involvement as part of DC’s commitment to building close, productive long-term relationships with clients.

Rakuten is back with the latest installment of the “Power of R” campaign, this time featuring a relatively well-known professional basketball player. Poised to continue the brand’s successful awareness-building, watch for the commercials all up and down your TV dial and across the digital universe.