A new spin on IPA packaging

Golden Road was born in Los Angeles and we wanted to give its new IPA series a look that celebrated its SoCal roots — and separated it from the myriad macho competitors in the craft space.

So we imagined a surf van, a canine companion and quintessential California days up and down the coast. We then enlisted illustrator KidMarkie to bring that vision to vivid life. We steered clear of blacks and silvers and heavy metal iconography, instead shifting to a pastel palette more reflective of the brand’s easy-going golden state of mind. A script font offers a casual introduction rather than the standard shouting type of typical IPAs.

One last consideration was scalability. The brand wanted to be able to add new beers to the series over time. So our look is created to have the flexibility to imagine new scenes while maintaining enough consistent elements and coloration to keep a cohesive brand feel.

Four cans of Golden Road Ride On beer against a light aqua background. Going left to right: Pink can of 10 Hop Hazy IPA, light blue can of West Coast IPA, yellow can of Tropical IPA, and a light green can of Pale Ale. Details of what is in each can’s illustrations can be found in earlier images on this page.