The Tip

The private penthouse lounge of Duncan Channon has a colorful history, surprisingly, yet inextricably, interwoven with the colorful history of San Francisco and of social movements in the United States.

Chapter 1: Hanged by the Necke untill Ded

By one name or another, the Tip has been an establishment “licenced to purvey Strong Drinke” (as its original charter had it) nearly continuously since 1786.

The Tip is open!

Open, indeed, and spurting merriment over the 400 some revelers who came to downtown San Francisco on March 28th from as far away as New York and as close by as 111 Minna.

Chapter 2: La Punta and the Curyous ailment

Curiously, it was the would-be assassin who immediately assumed ownership of the Plumpot-Brambley residence, at the intersection of San Ignacio di la Sangre Alley and San Somme Street, suggesting that it was the blacksmith himself who tipped the Governor to the plot against his bastard daughter.

Music legend plays the Tip

Richard Gottehrer, whose accomplishments include co-writing "My Boyfriend's Back" and "I Want Candy," producing "Hang on Sloopy," as well as Blondie's and the Go-Go's first albums, regaled a packed house at the Tip with his inimitable tales of an incredible musical life.

Chapter 3: The goat of the Embarcadero

The ruins of La Punta would sit as mute testimony to the incendiary ignorance of citizen vigilantes for nearly a decade. Around it grew a dense district of publick houses catering to “saylors from the sea” and “scarlet laydies” and soliciting “the trade and custom of rounders and riff-raff.”

Jen Chapin folk-rocks the Tip

DC’s second-ever Toast of the Tip event on July 8 featured the exquisitely nuanced, impeccably crafted “urban folk” (her words) of singer-songwriter-activist Jen Chapin.

Chapter 4: Of practices Manly

Where the (apparently) late Lord Langhorne was robust of appetite and rotund of figure, his son, Nigel, 21, is pale of visage and gaunt of corpus and given to utterances far too easily swallowed by a quiet room.

What does CREDO really believe in? Martinis!

In keeping with the Nirvana song, “Serve the Servants,” not to mention the Kiss song, "Cold Gin," the marketing department at CREDO Mobile served as bartenders for its agency-of-record last Friday evening at selfsame agency-of-record’s fabulous penthouse bar.

Chapter 5: Highlights of the Hartman collection

And not statehood, nor Nigel’s slide into neglectful sloth and ultimately senescence, could deter the Tip from becoming engorged nightly with eager guests.

Tip toasts esteemed rock editor, MTV pundit

Some rock stars hide their contraband in the most curious places, he discovered. But it’s not something Joe Levy cared to fully elaborate on, as he shared his less salacious tales of ten years as Rolling Stone music editor and go-to rock critic on MTV, VH1 and elsewhere.

Chapter 6: A brief Examinashun of the Management stile of Spanky, a dog

For the speculators, dethroning Nigel and seizing the Tip was like, as one of them recounted years later, “taking confectionaries from a baby.” And so, by order of the City and County of San Francisco, the Tip was condemned.

Hold Steady honcho heads to Tip

The first Toast of the Tip of 2009 is going to be, as the kids say, a doozie, featuring none other than Craig Finn, lead singer, lyricist and New Yorker-certified sex symbol of the Hold Steady, one of the most acclaimed bands of the last decade.

Chapter 7: The origynal Original Ray's

With the chihuahua (named Spanky) as Nigel’s sole heir and Nigel’s most practiced drinking buddy as executor of his will, the estate of Langhorne the Younger was perhaps not as well-tended to as it might have been.

Finn distributes goosebumps at Toast of Tip

One audience member no doubt summed it up for many when she said that Craig Finn performing his Hold Steady songs, alone on acoustic guitar, for 100 lucky invitees, gave her “goosebumps.”

Chapter 8: A slyce off ye olde tip

Though he never signed the hotel register, it is well-established that another exalted guest of the Tip was the Union general turned whiskey enthusiast who followed Lincoln into the White House, Ulysses Simpson Grant.

Pat Kuleto makes Toast

Boulevard, Martini House, Farallon, Fog City Diner, Jardinière, Waterbar, Epic Roasthouse. They are the best of the best of San Francisco’s great restaurants. And they were all developed, designed and are co-owned by Pat Kuleto.