When the clinic’s a carnival

How do you convince a particularly hesitant group of Californians to get vaccinated for Covid-19? With free games, music, food, slushies and a great big Ferris wheel.

Our experiential team was tasked with creating an event that would attract, educate and hopefully vaccinate community members of California’s Central Valley who had been particularly hesitant to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

The solution was a good old-fashioned, family-friendly carnival. Within a matter of days, we secured rides, games, food, beverages and staffing along with signage and promotional materials, all the while observing strict CDC safety guidelines.  

Over 1,000 people attended the free event sponsored by the California Department of Public Health, many of whom got vaccinated on the spot.

Person wearing mask and shirt that reads "Let's get to immunity" stands proudly with hand on their hip in front of a carnival.
A couple stands together in front of carnival, both are wearing masks and one displays their vaccination card and the other is pregnant. Both are wearing masks.
A person wearing a mask pulls up their shirt sleeve to display the bandage from their recent vaccine shot.