Drink to the future

Organic wine industry pioneer, Bonterra Organic Estates, bolsters brand leader status with a future forward, fashionably chic campaign from DC.

Photo of a green, grassy meadow with a foggy sky shot on the coast of Washington state. A person wearing all white is seen walking in the middle distance with a large, square concrete sign in the near center reading, “Organic is just the beginning”.

Honoring Bonterra’s bold way of doing things, our creative team dreamed up a captivating campaign to ‘Cultivate the Future.’ Inspired by the grand vastness of nature, like standing under a roaring waterfall or giant redwoods, and the fine art of producing delectable wine, the campaign reflects the high-quality wines of Bonterra while appealing to the priorities of conscious consumers who value sustainability as much as flavor when choosing a wine.

Like an art installation in the wild, the creative was born out of the brand ethos to protect nature while nodding to their future-forward thinking. Moving away from the expected earthy tones often used in organic brand marketing, DC instead uses vivid colors and surrealistic imagery unique to Bonterra. While the scenes may be out-of-this-world, they were shot right here on Earth, with all audio taken straight from nature, aided by a soothing narrator.

Like Bonterra, which is always thinking and planning years ahead, Cultivate the Future communicates the brand’s ambitious goals to be the change they wish to see in the wine and agricultural industry and to ensure our grandkids (and their grandkids) can continue to enjoy the majestic beauty of this one planet we live on.

Acting as the new brand positioning, Cultivate the Future launched in major markets nationally and globally to help the brand appeal to a younger, more purpose-driven audience drawn to progressive and ethically oriented products. DC’s media and analytics team bolstered the campaign creative through connected TV, paid and organic social media, and a media partnership with Volta and their nationwide electric vehicle (EV) charging network. The campaign key visuals will also appear in retail locations across the county via premium point-of-sale displays designed by DC.

Per Giancarlo Bianchetti, the CEO of Bonterra Organic Estates, “In elevating the Bonterra name, we are building on our decades of environmental stewardship… Our promise as Bonterra Organic Estates is to continue to prioritize the environment as this best serves our community, customers, and future generations.”