Tip Events

Happy TipSix


March 28th is the sixth birthday of the Tip (or 228th, if you count the two-plus centuries before the historic bar was re-located), and, not coincidentally, of Duncan/Channon at the corner of Sansome and Bush. And what with a couple of illustrious DJ friends dropping new records, it seemed the time had come for the Tip’s first ever official dance party. Hence, TipSix, starring Cherushii, AM Version, Chicago House maven Tyrel Williams and the actually legendary Hardkiss Bros. Get a free download of their single “Flowers Blooming” and hear samples of the rest of their album here. Check your email for the invite, and don’t forget to repondez. And watch this space for the photographic aftermath.

There will be a goon at the door with a list. Please make sure you’re on it.