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Hank & Cupcakes & thou (if thou dare)

It helps to know the name comes from the eternal bard of the dive bar Charles “Hank” Bukowski and his longtime girlfriend “Cupcakes.” Otherwise, you might think they’re cute. Which they are. Cuter than hell. But so much more. And so hard to explain.

Electro-pop? Funk? Yeah Yeah Yeahs meet Ting Tings? They’re young, from Tel Aviv, via Brooklyn. Cupcakes beats on her drums, jumps on her drums, runs around her drums and still manages to sing like a house afire. Hank bashes at his bass — but through 17 pedals that alter and augment and astropsychedelicize it. So it’s so much more. Huffington Post said they’re “the most fun you will have listening to any band in the new year.” And, having experienced their megawatt magnificence last year at SXSW, where he begged them to make their first trip to SF, co-founder Duncan concurs.

On their way to humongous, the inimitable Hank & Cupcakes are stopping for one brief shining moment — Friday, March 13th — at the Tip, so you can say you knew them when.