Alumni news: Colbert Report takes D/C castoff

Is it a measure of how high we’ve risen or how low Colbert has fallen? News arrives today that former Duncan/Channon copywriter, Toby Wexner ( Max Werner, pictured above left), has been hired as a writer for the Colbert Report. (Yeah, we’d never heard of it either.)

Toby/Max was green as a tree frog with swine flu when he arrived at our august institution, straight from four years at some Slacker U. on Harvard Square. D/C-style tough love helped transform the callow amphibian into a prince of an advertising scribe, yet a mere five years later he was told, in no uncertain terms, to get out and stay out. Well, after he announced he was going to Hollywood to be a screenwriter (good luck with that!).

So today’s Alumni News is offered as a cautionary tale. After all, you wouldn’t want to wind up like Toby: national TV, fancy NY crib, big salary, famous friends, and all the nose candy you can hoover. Sucks.

Update 17 June: Two days into the job and he’s already on camera.