This way to health insurance

As you may have seen on the cover of Adweek this morning, today marks the launch of our first campaign for Covered California as part of a five-year, $400-million effort to help all Californians get the health insurance they need.

At a time when the pandemic is driving up unemployment and financial strain, five new TV spots directed by Academy-award winning director Errol Morris aim to show Californians that Covered California is here to help — both as a source for quality health insurance and as the only place to get financial help for those that need it. 

The TV spots unfold as in-home vignettes that offer a window into the everyday lives and concerns of people and families, including an unemployed father who needed help affording health insurance even as his kids think he’s a superhero; a man living alone with depression for whom mental health coverage has been everything; and, the daughter of a Latinx immigrant who’s always translated for her parents, but needed help understanding their health insurance options.

The campaign’s OOH and digital creative seeks to shape positive cultural perceptions about having health insurance. OOH ads with lines such as ‘Protect Your Most Valuable Assets,’ ‘In Sickness and Health,’ and ‘Health is Power’ call viewers to action by placing health insurance in context of family, marriage and personal empowerment. The photography, shot by We Are The Rhoads, features real families and allows Californians with a range of identities — Latinx, Black, Asian American and LGBTQ — to see themselves in the work. 

DC also led the media strategy and buy for the State’s largest-ever campaign to encourage Californians to sign up for health insurance plans during its open enrollment period. The campaign includes culturally relevant in-language creative in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean, created in collaboration with multicultural agency partners Barú, APartnership and Quantasy.