John Muir Health

Women call the shots (no pun) when it comes to family medical decisions. And women are wired to communicate. That’s where the Be Heard campaign started. But who doesn’t prefer a doc who really listens?

Campaign rolls into new territory for its third year, taking the viewer inside the doctor’s examining room, demonstrating that whether you’re young, old, male, female or just a sweaty, nervous wreck you’ll always find a sympathetic listener here. TV is complemented by digital, social and outdoor.

Print and out-of-home, including subway station dominations, ensured the client, too, was heard — more than once, in many ways. The print executions delved into specific mother-oriented services.

“DC has played an instrumental role in building the John Muir Health brand around an idea that’s central to our organization. The desire to be heard is a basic human truth and the cornerstone to good partnerships. It drives how we serve our patients, and it just happens to be the foundation for our partnership with DC.”

Dave Hook, Executive director of marketing, John Muir Health