Formula X for Sephora

Formula X is a breakthrough lacquer from this leading global cosmetics retailer, an LVMH brand. The breakthrough website — the first social network built for nail fans — puts the fun in functional.

People love to post pictures of their nails — it’s practically an internet subgenre. But, until now, no one had tried to capitalize on it. No better moment than the launch of this unique new lacquer from Sephora. The Formula X site is a rainbow-hued, deeply interactive, comprehensively social place for fans to share, show off and snag new ideas.

You can search every which way, including by color. You can post — whether pictures of your own nails or pictures of the colorful things that inspired you. You can follow other users you think are cool. And you can look for the Formula X products that fit you.

It’s not about dipping a toenail into social. This is a real social site for a real community, offering user profiles, portfolios and preferences, and generally enabling the delight of being fangirls together.

To spur awareness and participation, this train case, full of Formula X product in a riot of unpredictable colors, was delivered to nail artists and social mavens, who responded with fangirl enthusiasm.

Digital goes dimensional: for the European launch of Formula X, DC outfitted the world’s largest Sephora store on the Champs-Élysées with a grand, physical realization of the website, echoing the distinctive diamond patterns, dazzling colors and overall fun, while making it eminently practical for shoppers. The display also established the model for the Formula X retail experience around the world.

“The site is just beautiful. And addictive! It sets a new standard for nail online.”

Kristin Walcott, Sephora VP