e.l.f. Cosmetics · Cruelty-free

To promote e.l.f. as a vegan brand, we tapped five beauty influencers known for their animal activism. Incredible images were created, important causes were supported and sales were spiked.

Female presenting person with blonde hair and beige shirt poses for the camera on her couch holding a black cat with yellow eyes. She is smiling and the cat appears calm and happy in her arms.

The five, well-known influencers — Cosmobyhaley, Jasmine Rose, Jkissa, Logical Harmony and Weylie — all produced content around their favorite e.l.f. product and featuring their pet. Each influencer produced five images for use across, email and social.

In the first week alone, sales for the influencers’ chosen products jumped dramatically — from 14% to as high as 53%.