California Tobacco Control

California Tobacco Control Program, “Wake Up”

One brilliant insight of this haunting creative is that the asterisk, in contemporary media culture, is not just a little by-the-way, but a big, red flag. The masterstroke in these videos, however, is the music — the bouncy, catchy, innocence of early-sixties pop deployed with devastating irony.

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California Tobacco Control Program

The campaign’s signature graphic — that ominously vague asterisk — along with the mysterious photos and darkly ironic headlines carry through the print and outdoor, of course. Which includes a bus-shelter wrap with an interactive part that lets you enter your email to receive a printable version of the creepy poster.


California Tobacco Control Program what was commissioned as a landing page for the TV, print, outdoor and banners, unfolded into a full-fledged website that was both a repository for vaping info and multifaceted journey into the heart of e-cig darkness. In striking, stripped-down images, with starkly conversational, sometimes ironic words, the site leads the user into learning more about the dire ingredients of this “safe” new mode of smoking. Conceived, designed and developed by Duncan Channon.

CTCP-ecig-Wild-Posting_0000_Layer Comp 1 CTCP-ecig-Wild-Posting-3

California Tobacco Control Program

Every modern media consumer knows that the asterisk on an ad represents missing or even misleading information — basically, it’s a red flag. In this case, the asterisk sums up the giant holes in consumers’ knowledge about vaping. The richly ominous — yet contemporary — colors carry their own caveat message, as does the mysterious, stripped-down photography.

Tobacco flavors that seem fun and vaping devices that look like tech gadgets have led teens, and even parents, to underestimate the damage of nicotine. Most people know it’s addictive. But addiction is only the beginning. Nicotine is a neurotoxin whose changes to the teen brain could be permanent. And that’s what our campaign sets out to communicate.

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