As a global network of freelance talent, Upwork needed to overcome their target’s gig-economy skepticism, and inspire them to make their first hire on the platform. Since this was their brand’s first significant foray into advertising, they knew they had to go big to get noticed.

To grab the attention of Fortune 500 managers, renowned for their own personal hustle, we appealed to their roll up your sleeves and get-sh*t-done attitude.

CliffNotes version of this case study to your left.

Upwork-aOOH-Hey-George-RR up-ooh-staging-05 Upwork-aOOH-Hey-Mr-President Upwork-aOOH-shelters

We alluded to timely examples of unfinished business, and helpfully suggested that these situations could have used some Upwork talent.

Oh, and we established a distinctive and un-ignorable visual style, bringing a little color and levity to our target’s harried morning commute.

How’d it go? Upwork saw a 40% lift in registration and a sizeable uptick in brand awareness across all their major markets.