Universal appeal

Our assignment was to convince teens and tweens that Universal was the “what’s next” vacation for them and their families. Our solution was to send a dozen influencers with millions of followers (don’t even act like you don’t know who Baby Ariel is) to the Orlando resort to make original videos and posts. 13 million views and half a million YouTube engagements later, the program is a bona fide success. Check out the case study vid above for all the thrilling details.

Back by popular demand/outrage

Yep, he’s back. After a triumphant premiere this spring (prompting a herculean leap in StubHub sales and a feature story in the Wall Street Journal), the oddly loveable, endearingly terrifying Ticket Oak returns and, this time, he’s doling out primo football tickets. Watch for him all over ESPN as well as Saturday Night Live, Monday Night Football, The Tonight Show and more. And while the spot’s pretty weird, it’s about to get a whole lot weirder. Stay tuned.

Adweek likes it.

New Condemned spot spells end of civilization

It’s already being talked about as the latest “What is this world coming to???” pop cultural event. And, no, we’re not just talking about the videogame itself. We’re talking about the videogame’s commercial.

The game is “Condemned 2: Bloodshot”, the next-gen follow-up to Sega’s 2005 horror hit. And, most assuredly, it raises the bar for psychological terror and realistic hand-to-hand combat. But as the game’s launch approached, the Duncan/Channon creative team was faced with an even more terrifying challenge — how do you capture in a TV spot the demonic spirit of the scariest (arguably) game ever?

The ad’s concept is simple. Playing “Condemned 2” is so frightening it will continue to haunt your thoughts long after you’ve stopped playing. To do the game justice, the TV spot had to capture the raw, visceral brutality and gut-wrenching horror that are the game’s hallmarks. So, after an exhaustive search, D/C put its script into the capably bloodied hands of feature film director — and horror specialist — Jim Sonzero, fresh from directing Pulse.

Now, out of the perverse dedication of the production team and director, sick support from the clients at Sega and, of course, D/C’s own twisted creative prowess (hey, it’s our site, we gotta toot our horns a little) has emerged an ad that’s making gamers’ jaws’ drop — and stomachs turn — even as we speak.

Red Steel goes Wii Wii Wii all the way to the bank

The opening chop in D/C’s Sensei attack on the gamer target. This “confusing” teaser ad (turns out, it’s a bit of origami that allows you to turn the magazine page into a throwing star) generated 32,000 phone calls in the first 24 hours, started a wildfire across the blogosphere and helped make Red Steel the number-one-selling, non-Nintendo title for the Wii.

Blue ribbon for Red Steel

Charmingly titled “You Suck,” D/C’s commercial for Ubisoft’s inaugural Wii title “Red Steel” was picked by the readers of Play magazine as their favorite of 2007. View the spot that bested all comers, including Microsoft Xbox’s nearly ubiquitous “Gears of War” ad. And from all of us at D/C, congratulations to Microsoft on second place!

Web “stars” turn out for ZoneAlarm viral vid

“I am big,” said Norma Desmond. “It’s the pictures that got small.” (And if you haven’t ever seen Sunset Boulevard, kidz, drop everything and go directly to Netflix.)

Well, Norma’s definitely rolling over in her grave. Today’s “stars” are an amateur dominatrix and her ball-gagged slave, an incompetent Jedi warrior, a peek-a-boo zombie, an unsexy sexpot named Paris and other desperate showoffs who are huge in the ironic world of Internet videos.

And those stars have now come together in an historic viral video, created by D/C, to tout the online security software ZoneAlarm.

It’s not the real stars, of course, but — irony on irony — incredible facsimiles of the people with whom ZoneAlarm’s young, web-surfing target is thoroughly familiar.

And who better to deliver a sermon on Internet safety than Internet royalty?

Because while an old-school Hollywood superstar like the fictional Norma Desmond might have been seen by a few million moviegoers, the “Star Wars Kid” has, by Wikipedia’s estimate, been viewed over one billion times.

That’s star power.

You know who you are 2008

The award-winning “You know who you are” brand campaign for Hard Rock got a refresh for ’08. New print executions, to run in airline magazines and elsewhere around the world, include “Secret Reader” and “Reunion.” Once again, D/C’s campaign is not about the typically cheesy, ad-agency fantasy of a rocker, it’s about the rocker that lives inside all of us (even when we’re no longer teenagers and, alas, have straight jobs — like writing the agency’s effing blog) the rocker that can be literally and figuratively fed at a Hard Rock near you.


These train cases full of Sephora product were delivered to nail artists and social media makeup and fashion mavens in the hopes of planting a seed about the company’s wildly colorful, uniquely fun new nail lacquer, Formula X. And this large online community erupted with enthusiasm.