Upwork goes nationwide

This week marks the launch of Upwork’s first national campaign and the first new work since its IPO. Broadcast TV, digital video and radio show us how all our offices could, in fact, be much larger than we realize.

The spots feature a spokesman (the dude from How to Dad, you guys!) touring through dynamic workplaces to convey the seamless bridge Upwork enables between in-house teams and skilled independent talent. DC’s media buy features national TV and radio along with media partnerships with vaunted business pubs like the Wall Street Journal.

Here’s what our CCO Mike Lemme had to say: “Upwork’s vision has been clear from the start, so it’s been rewarding to have worked with them from the pure awareness ‘Hey World’ campaign to last year’s more instructive “This is Happening” scenarios to this national launch relevant to any business, whether 50 or 5,000 employees.”

Middelfart: Denmark in January = Witch’s Tit

Smart money says go to Denmark in July. But when smart money zigs, we zag. So, in January, Andy, Anne and I pack our bags full of clothes only a Californian could possibly believe were suitable for a Scandinavian winter and board a Lufthansa red-eye for Copenhagen.

When we touch down at Roskilde Airport, it’s -8°C (which the driver assures me is balmy). But huddled outside our hotel, with a biting breeze blowing off the Baltic, it feels like -80°C. It’s a special brand of cold this reporter has never experienced. Bitter cold. Relentless cold. Penguin-killing cold. Cold that smacks you in the face with one hand, while snaking up your pants to flash-freeze your junk with the other. Why exactly are we here again?

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