Brand metrics meet media metrics in the Table™

Leveraging Lucid’s large-scale consumer panel and audience technology, Duncan Channon now puts brand-building alongside media metrics, powering greater optimization and growth.

Brand building campaigns present a unique analytics challenge. We know establishing top-of-mind awareness and increasing consideration (for-me-ness) is a critical business task, especially in crowded, fast moving categories. Brand studies–either pre/post or tracking–are crucial to providing ROI insight. But those operate separately from media metrics or traditional analytics efforts. Advertising teams end up looking at two separate data sets to make assumptions about how they correlate.

That bugged us. Like, a lot.

Duncan Channon built the Table over the last two years to provide harmonized data for advertising teams. This cloud-built data infrastructure is designed to untangle the mess of data that integrated ad campaigns generate to provide current, single sources of truth that teams can look, share, and collaborate on to maximize campaign growth.

For brand building campaigns, we can (and do) use proxy behaviors to demonstrate upticks in brand metrics. Clear conversion points such as completed video views, direct site traffic or time-spent on site certainly can suggest increases in brand strength. But we know that the better brand answers are in quantitative data. So we built a pipeline that brings that data onto the Table to harmonize it with media metrics.

The result is a view that lets planners see how media tactics are achieving brand goals.

A single, integrated view plots media spend by partner/platform directly alongside growth in brand goals: including awareness, consideration, and affinity.

Built with our partner, Lucid

Now part of the global consumer data firm Cint, Lucid offers us access to a massive panel of consumers, allowing us to find pretty much any consumer segment. And Lucid’s data technology is able to plug directly into our data warehouse, creating a seamless flow of data and enabling us to harmonize tracking data with media metrics. Our solution comes off-the-shelf with Lucid built in. However, if you already have a brand tracker, we can most likely work with it.

Key to this approach is total integration with our media campaign–meaning we measure awareness based on control and exposed populations. This solution targets surveys to people who have seen your ad out in the world (and those who have not). This approach dramatically improves our confidence in the results.

Integration with media means you can view brand strength alongside media metrics by platform. Using a simple drop down, select either the whole campaign, a single platform (ie: YouTube or Twitter), or a channel (ie: social or video).

Loop, closed
The Table™ was designed to give our clients, partners and teams a clear view of campaign performance so we can find opportunities, fix problems and build bigger ideas. Now, through this new data integration, we can provide that level of insight and action to brand campaigns.

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