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Voyaging past the reef

Ahead of their 75th anniversary, our friends at Outrigger Resorts asked us to help elevate the brand for a global stage.

Blue Outrigger logo with off-white background on top left, underneath is a dark blue background with the Outrigger O icon in light blue; on the right is a brochure layout with Outrigger Waikiki Resort in bottom right corner on dark blue background with light blue waves. Main image is a male surfer in board shorts with the mountain head in background.

Nearly a decade after our first branding assignment with them, Outrigger asked us to help guide the brand’s course as they expanded beyond Hawai‘i — and onto the most beautiful beaches in the world.

With new properties in Mauritius, Fiji, Thailand and beyond, Outrigger’s brand needed to expand beyond the company’s Hawaiian roots, while keeping true to its heart and soul – a philosophy built on a culture of deep care and connection. They also needed to communicate that a stay at Outrigger was an elevated, elegant experience (but never stuffy – beach vibes infuse every aspect of the brand).

We revisited and refined the entire identity system, produced and curated a library of new image and video assets and developed a new brand tagline: “Come be here.” It’s an invitation to make the journey, have the time of your life, and truly be.

We created a new brand book with an elevated, flexible color palette, finessed graphic elements, and a defined tone of voice that is earnest and playful all at once – one that reflects the deep respect Outrigger has for its properties’ local cultures as well as a vital element of whimsy and fun (fitting for the most happening beach bars on the planet).

This all came together – and came to life – with a brand film that celebrates the Outrigger spirit, heritage, and, of course, the iconic beaches that invite humans everywhere to make the journey.

Four photos in a grid - top left is a laughing young boy wearing bright blue swim trunks being lifted out of the pool water by his father, the top right shows two adult couples lounging at a hotel beach cabana in the shade of the light wooden trellis, sheer white ___ frame the image and a bright blue sea with a green palm tree fill the background. The bottom left image shows a family in a corner hotel room on the ocean, the kids run through the sitting area while the parents lean against the outdoor balcony rail, you can see the Hawaiian coast in the background. The bottom right image shows a close up photo of a brunette woman receiving a wedding lei while bowing her head and smiling, she is wearing a wreath of leis in white, hot pink and purple on her head.
Various layouts for the Outrigger sales deck are shown, featuring a Hawaiian blowing a conch shell in the shallow ocean, a photo of a resort pool framed by palm trees, a photo of three women dancing and twirling their skirts on the beach, plus various imagery of the brand colors, logos and layouts. All colors are varied blues, white and purple.
A two pane full page layout; the far left side is a dark purple background with broken up copy reading, “Discovering / Recovering” and a small Outrigger O icon in the center of the /. On the right of that is a small headline reading, “SIGNATURE EXPERIENCES” and a larger headline under that reads, “Wake up! It’s sunset.” below the headline is an image of a fire twirler on the beach at night with a light blue background behind it. The right side is broken up into four sections, the top left is a vertical image of a young girl diving into the ocean with bubbles framing the image. A curved headline reads, “Go dunk yourself.” Below that is a coral square with the blue Outrigger O icon and white copy reading, “Beaches. Beats. Bliss.”. On the upper right is a dark blue square with a headline in a circle that reads, “Voyaging looks good on you.” with a coral Outrigger O in the center of the circle of words. Below that is an off-white cream square with dark brown/gray copy reading, “Ocean breeze everywhere. Shoes optional anywhere.”
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A new spin on IPA packaging

Most IPA cans today look like they were designed by the dude that did the Iron Maiden albums. All skulls and green lightning, giving full testosterone and acne vibes. So when tasked with driving a new look for Golden Road’s Ride On series, we banged a uey.

Cover photo for a story about the Viator’s brand redesign. Included in the image are a barefoot 20-something female-presenting person in a pink tunic and mauve hijab. She’s walking in an empty hall with Middle Eastern architectural details. Also included is an image of a person in a red sari, ornate golden necklace and stack of wrist bangles. The image includes the brand’s new tagline “Hello, adventure

A wanderlust-worthy rebrand

Inspired by the shapes and colors of dream destinations, DC rebrands Viator for a new wave of planning-adverse adventurers.

bright, multi-colored background featuring SweeTarts candy as a music equalizer. The SweeTarts logo and SWEET BEATS title sit on the left.

Eat to the beat with SweeTARTS

Launching today, the SweetBEATS mixer lets fans create musical loops, share them with friends, and enter for a chance to win a one-on-one virtual studio session with pop legend Christina Aguilera.

Action shot of a pink nike shoe as it hits the concrete. The person wearing the shoe is running. A pink Rakuten logo appears above the shoe as if it popped out from her shoe indicating the runner is a Rakuten user.


Loyalty or discount program advertising often dwells in the downscale world of the coupon clipper — a turnoff to savvier online shoppers. Our strategy was to present Rakuten as every bit as premium as the brands it offered rebates on.


Even the mild-mannered have something inside that drives them wild. And thanks to StubHub that wild thing is busting out all over.

A gold beer can with the black and gold designed Brewlab label on a white background. The label is fully rolled out as an image so you can see all the design elements and text that appears on the label. The label is black and the text is gold and white.

Redhook Brewlab

Craft beer is like indie music. If you get too popular, you’re no longer cool. Just ask Redhook. In the early ’80s, they took off like a rocket, Anheuser Busch came calling and the brand was labeled a sellout. “Budhook!” the beer nerds snickered.

Black and white photo of a group of Golden State Warriors basketball players sitting on the sidelines. They are laughing and poking good fun at each other. The team’s logo is in the top left corner in golden yellow and on the bottom right corner is text that reads “game recognize game” but the second “game” is upside down.

Golden State Warriors

One of the greatest teams ever assembled was just about to leave the city that supported them through thick and thin for 47 years. How do they say good-bye?


To keep growing, this pioneering online car insurer, which had catered to a younger demo, needed to persuade older, more discerning consumers of its stability, reliability and humanity.

“They can’t take your ballot”

At a time of unprecedented voter suppression, the mission of Vote From Home 2020 is more essential than ever. Our new “Suppress This” campaign helps them get ballots into the hands of disenfranchised voters of color. You can help, too.

Grid image with two images. On the left is the Udemy logo, a burgundy background with a big letter “U” in white. The image on the right is a female presenting person in their twenties. She has several deserts in around her as she is sitting at a table with a slicing knife. She appears to be in mid sentence as if she is demonstrating something on the topic of baking.


DC developed a stylish back-to-school look for this growing learning platform. A new brand identity and comprehensive visual system celebrated the diversity of teachers and students and brought humanity to a previously transactional-feeling platform.

DC site takes top Pixel Award

Thirty-two industry judges bestowed top prize on D/C in the non-profit category of the 10th annual Pixel Awards.

Hi, Volta

Congrats to our friends and clients Staffan Terje and Umberto Gibin on last night’s official opening in San Francisco of their latest culinary masterpiece Volta.

Stride Rite embraces the chaos

The world may change, but the joyful pandemonium of childhood remains a constant. Being no strangers to that joy ourselves, D/C was excited to be tapped to work on a brand refresh for Stride Rite. The new work encourages parents both to embrace the chaos and come prepared.

California debuts ads to counter e-cigs

Twenty-five years after launching the first anti-smoking advertisements in the state, the California Department of Public Health today premiered a series of television, digital, and outdoor ads in a new campaign called “Wake Up,” as part of its educational effort to inform the public about the dangers of e-cigarettes.

Making up with KVD Beauty

Inspired by KVD Beauty's tireless support of other makeup artists, the site is deeply collaborative, with products sitting side-by-side with user-generated photos and illustrations.

Formula X for Sephora

The breakthrough website — the first social network built for nail fans — puts the fun in functional.


It’s a complex story and has to be delivered with authority, concision and style.

Sephora / Marc Jacobs Beauty

When fashion icon Marc Jacobs made his move into cosmetics, he picked Sephora for a partner. And Sephora picked DC. And the pressure was on to match up to the master’s incomparable style.

CA says Tahoe South’s just their type

Communication Arts has honored Duncan/Channon in this year’s prestigious Typography Annual for design of the new Tahoe South identity for the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority.

Tahoe South

Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority takes the plunge on a new name, a brand overhaul and fresh advertising, embracing its rep as the lake’s wild side.


Amid the glut of cheapo, on-demand books, this company stands for design, craftsmanship and beauty.

D/C gets happy

This fall, after galvanizing the British public, the happy egg co. is coming to the US. And, following a pitch, they hired a truly free-range agency – the uncageable Duncan/Channon – to develop a digital brand in the US.

Hard Rock

Work that earned top prize in the global Rebrand 100 competition, awarded for the combination of creative and strategy, and helped turn around a brand that turned rock stars into raving fans.

New wine, old bottle

The challenge for Farrier, the new luxe libation from Kendall-Jackson, was to bring in a sense of history, terroir and romance without dragging out the cliched oak barrels or little ole winemaker.

CA taps D/C

In a well-deserved tribute to the agency's interactive team, Duncan/Channon is being honored in this year's Communications Arts Interactive Annual for the Hard Rock Booth Interactive.


Fifty-year-old Interasia was purchased by one of the world’s largest shipping firms, which wanted to reignite the enthusiasm of prospects, customers and its young employees.

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