California Department of Public Health

Little Big Lie

Our campaign for the California Tobacco Control Program calls out Big Tobacco on the cigarette butts polluting our Earth – and bodies – with harmful microplastics.

Orange, yellow, pink background animation graphic of a large sinister man in a suit holding the Earth covered in cigarette butts and laughing diabolically with white text reading: The tobacco industry’s plastic pollution is destroying our planet. We’ve had enough.
Dark blue background animation graphic of cigarette butt unraveling with orange squiggles coming out the bottom with the word MICROPLASTICS woven in, Orange text reading: The tobacco industry is a top global plastic polluter.
Animation graphic of a city skyline on the sandy beach and a light blue, wavy ocean filled with trash and cigarette butts with black text reading: The Microplastic Coast. (in white) Blame the tobacco industry.