Shaz Kuerschner


Shaz began her advertising career at Y&R Australia, after realizing her prior stint at a men’s shoe factory wasn’t the stellar career trajectory she sought. Embracing her production assistant role with wide eyes and big dreams, she soon became a dedicated and nimble producer. With production experience and green card in hand, she landed in San Francisco with one suitcase and a husband, quickly finding good fortune at agencies such as OWNP, Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Popgun Design, BBDO, Eleven and Williams Sonoma. From a helicopter shoot of Hawaii’s volcanic landscape to meeting Steph Curry and Questlove, Shaz has produced work for clients such as Electronic Arts, Teva, Saturn, H-P, GAP, Apple, Visa, Oakley, Haagen Daas, Adobe, CTCP and the Golden State Warriors. Shaz loves bringing great ideas to life and sprinkles her Aussie sense of humor on every project she touches. On that note, she will tell you that Grease-era ONJ has been her guiding star and life coach.