The Tip

The private penthouse lounge of Duncan Channon has a colorful history, surprisingly, yet inextricably, interwoven with the colorful history of San Francisco and of social movements in the United States.

Suitcase Junket: 1-man band singing 2 notes at the same time

There is nothing or no one like the Suitcase Junket. Our first Tunes at the Tip of 2016 stars a young artist from Amherst, MA who’s not only an exceptional songwriter, he’s a one-man band.

Trails of Tripmas 2015

Thirty-five performers, 18 stagehands, 11 bartenders, 10 months planning and prep, three floors, the roof, the street and beautiful downtown weather came together in a truly trippy celebration for 1,000 invited guests and Duncan/Channon’s 25th birthday. Here’s just a smidge.

Rachel Fannan event image

Rachel Fannan and the coolest bands in Cali

Last year she even won an Emmy for her rendition of “Beautiful Dreamer” for Canon. Now she’s up from LA to return to the roof with her original songs and electric band Only You.

1 <3 4 Thievz

Rosewood Thievz stole a whole lotta San Francisco heartz Friday night. The pride of Third Ward, Houston, on their first West Coast tour, dropped da bomb in 2015’s opening roofie at the Tip.

Tip Hop at the sonic orgy

“Jodeci meets Outkast meets Lil’ Jon and the Eastside Boyz,” was how one critic described them. Which sounds about right for the year’s first roofie, featuring the West Coast debut of Rosewood Thievz, three young rappers out of the hip-hop hotbed Houston.

Funtime in the next dimension

Hank and Cupcakes made a bar-full of believers Friday at the Tip. On the only San Francisco stop of a national tour in support of Ca$h 4 Gold, their new album, the incredible duo from Tel Aviv, via Brooklyn, delivered a whole new level of electro-pop: flat-out, day-glo, full 4D. Eyes and ears are still on fire. Thanks, H&C.

Hank & Cupcakes & thou (if thou dare)

It helps to know the name comes from the eternal bard of the dive bar Charles "Hank" Bukowski and his longtime girlfriend "Cupcakes." Otherwise, you might think they’re cute. Which they are. Cuter than hell. But so much more. And so hard to explain.

Handsome Dick Manitoba: the whole megillah

On January 15, 2015, one of the great pioneers of punk rock music and punk rock attitude, Handsome Dick Manitoba, owner and operator of Manitoba’s bar and forever lead singer of the immortal Dictators, descended upon the Tip for a one-hour Toast of the Tip interview with his friend and former Creem editor Robert Duncan.

Handsome Dick Manitoba, punk progenitor, is coming

They were the big bang of punk, releasing their first album, the ragged, outrageous, hilarious The Dictators Go Girl Crazy, a year before the Ramones.

Joel Gion goes Apple Bonkers

Apple Bonkers. Not just the name of Joel Gion’s new album, but a pretty good description of his record release supermegaroofie.

Joel Gion album release Roofie

You may know him as the mutton-chopped, tambourine-banging jester from the Brian Jonestown Massacre and classic documentary Dig! Now dig Joel as singer, guitarist and songwriter, fronting his amazing seven-piece band, the Primary Colours.

Doors of perception lead to Tip, it turns out

It was a good trip at the Tip Friday night. Many thanks to the intergalactic bands, the Soft Bombs and the Shape, to the mindblowing visualizing of Mad Alchemy and to Neil Martinson, event curator and DJ extraordinaire.

Roofie benefit with 2 trippy bands, mind-blowing lightshow

The Vortex Room is the coolest speakeasy in this city, and we oughta know because we’ve got the second coolest.

Tearing the Roofie-Q off the sucka

Friday night’s barbecue-and-bands event at the Tip roof – our first Roofie-Q of the season – was greasy and grindy and all sorts of unholy fun.

It's on the roof & we'll be serving barbecue

The honorable overlords of the Adam Grant building might frown on anything but a metaphorical fire on the Tip roof, and yet, we’re gonna try our damndest.

TipSix goes to 11

The sixth birthday of the modern-day Tip busted all the meters on Friday, with critical help from the phenomenal Hardkiss Bros, the thumpin’ Tyrel Williams, our own beloved AM Version and the always crushin’ Cherushii.