Palms Las Vegas

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Notorious as the off-the-Strip haven where young Hollywood plays, the Palms was looking to move a little uptown, image-wise, in this D/C rebrand, which confronts the past quite directly, if humourously, with the tagline: No beginners.

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Rakuten is back with the latest installment of the “Power of R” campaign, this time featuring a relatively well-known professional basketball player. Poised to continue the brand’s successful awareness-building, watch for the commercials all up and down your TV dial and across the digital universe.

It’s not just the sugar talking when we say that we’re so fired up about our new client: iconic candy brand and childhood favorite, SweeTARTS. Check out our Be Both launch work designed to speak to Gen Z’s embrace of duality and fluid identity. Are we excited to work on SweeTARTS? Are we excited to eat free SweeTARTS? We’re both.

Tobacco flavors that seem fun and vaping devices that look like tech gadgets have led teens, and even parents, to underestimate the damage of nicotine. Most people know it’s addictive. But addiction is only the beginning. Nicotine is a neurotoxin whose changes to the teen brain could be permanent. And that’s what our campaign sets out to communicate.