Hard Rock

Work that earned top prize in the global Rebrand 100 competition, awarded for the combination of creative and strategy, and helped turn around a brand that turned rock stars into raving fans.

After 30 years, a half-dozen leaders and two or three owners, the venerable rock ’n’ roll brand had become fundamentally rudderless. The agency’s marching orders, as delivered by the new ceo and cmo: rebuild the rudder. Hence, the “Word” book, which clarified the spirit of the brand, as well as day-to-day particulars, and relaunched Hard Rock.

When the project began, there was a dizzying proliferation of logos — including a Halloween pumpkin variant — that added to the image of a brand adrift. But even the permanent logos had never been refined since their 1971 invention. And there was no mark that represented the company itself – the idea, really — separate from a cafe, hotel or casino property.

As the brand expanded to 50+ countries, a big problem became quickly communicating the concept of a rock ’n’ roll restaurant in dozens of languages. The solution was the universal symbology of rock ’n’ roll itself. The fork can be found on bus shelters, chef’s jackets, collectible pins, outdoor boards and every other conceivable place around the globe.

The DC team attacked the marketing issues — from menu design to commercials to website — while the client’s team attacked product issues, dramatically upgrading the ingredients and preparation of the food. But past experience had soured some customers. How to show the newly fresh and freshly made menu items without surrendering the brand’s reinvigorated rock edge?

With 70,000 wildly diverse, museum-quality objects, the memorabilia collection is all real and second to none. But in the wake of imitators, consumers came to believe it was full of replicas. As the foundation of the brand’s authenticity, it was imperative to give the audience context for the collection and a readily accessible closeup. This was the basis of a multiplatform digital initiative that let the world interact with the memorabilia, via the web and via digital kiosks, walls and tables at every location.

Over eight years, the advertising has evolved. This See the Show campaign sought to capture the fresh energy that now ensured that every revamped cafe or hotel was much more than just a place to eat or sleep, that it was a complete experience, a show — whether anyone’s on a stage or not.

“DC helped return Hard Rock to its authentic rock ‘n’ roll roots. And not just in the US, but around the globe.”

Sean Dee, Hard Rock International CMO

Work + News

Animating anti-smoking

The spots are animated. The struggle is real. True tales of former smokers on the perilous path to quitting.

This way to health insurance

Today marks the launch of our first campaign for Covered California as part of a five-year, $400-million effort to help all Californians get the health insurance they need.

female presenting person wearing teal shirt and white e.l.f. branded face mask, holding orange pumpkin while sitting inside pop-up vehicle with purple sparkly wall behind her with the words

e.l.f. 2020 Halloween activation

Duncan Channon’s LA team kept the halloween spirit alive by bringing a spooky holiday pop-up straight to beauty influencers’ homes.

Female identified person with short-cropped brown hair, holding a baby to her chest. DC and Covered California Logos overlay the image on left and right, respectively.

Covered CA on Adweek’s cover

DC is thrilled to announce that we were awarded the five-year, $400-million Covered CA account. We are resolute in helping at this crucial time when more Californians need coverage than ever.

“They can’t take your ballot”

At a time of unprecedented voter suppression, the mission of Vote From Home 2020 is more essential than ever. Our new “Suppress This” campaign helps them get ballots into the hands of disenfranchised voters of color. You can help, too.

CBS x Alfred Coffee · Emmy Awards

DCLA partnered CBS Studios with Alfred Coffee to reach Emmy voters and garner support for Star Trek: Picard. The timely work tapped into the diversity and inclusion central to Gene Roddenberry’s original vision.

Beautyscape influencers launch e.l.f. collection

It’s a beautiful day at DCLA with the launch of the e.l.f. Cosmetics Retro Paradise collection — the new collection from e.l.f.’s Beautyscape winners Alissa Holmes, Diana Curmei, Elicia Aragon, Jessa Green and Valeria Loren.

Two female presenting teens are at a table in a school library. One female with dark curly hair is sitting down with her back to the frame. The other is standing over the table with SweeTarts gummies in both hands and smiling.

SweeTARTS' Be Both is back

After the sweet success of last year’s 'Be Both' launch, SweeTARTS is doubling down on the campaign to Gen Z with brand new work in market now — and more to come in 2021.

Nicotine equals brain poison. Two images in a grid. Image to the left is the campaign example featuring two male presenting teens with their heads down smoking a vape pen with a copy overlay that reads Nicotine equals brain poison. The right image is the gold Clio award on a black background.

Nicotine = Brain Poison = Clio

Our work for CTCP has awakened parents to the teen vaping epidemic and won a slew of awards in the process (not nearly as important, but nice). The latest is that most venerable of ad accolades: the Clio.

Female presenting influencer posing for the camera in a sleek white blazer and leather black pants. She is confident and raises her hand to perfect her long brown hair that is styled in a middle part and she's wearing make-up that accentuates her strong features. She's in front of a mirror with a table with SGX NYC products.

SGX NYC · #hairgoals

SGX NYC wanted to increase awareness around winning two Allure Best of Beauty Awards and reinforce the brand’s positioning with cost-conscious consumers looking for premium products. We hit the bullseye with three well-known #hairgoals influencers.

Birds eye view over a male presenting young adult on the fire escape playing a guitar. Next to him is a notepad and pen and lush green plants creep into the frame. He appears relaxed as he plays his guitar.

Citi · Citigrammers

Citi wanted to increase awareness and favorability on social media, particularly within the music and dining categories. We assembled a team of influential visual artists to create the sort of shareable content the brand couldn't.

A grey-blue background with a circle of screenshots of various people speaking in a video conference call. In the center of the screenshot is text in white text letters that reads “Work Together.

Million-dollar talent from Upwork

To support COVID-19 projects, Upwork is donating a million dollars of time from their network of independent professionals. And who better to tell us about it than the pros themselves?