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Wonder Woman spins into the Tip


What girl didn’t want to have a stylish bracelet that just happened to deflect bullets? Or a magic lariat? Or the ability to change outfits just by spinning? She’s the original Queen of Girl Power, the Amazonian Riot Grrrl who came to America to save the late seventies. She could kick-ass on any man, woman or mad scientist and look fabulous in her stars-and-stripes superhero ensemble doing it. She was the pop embodiment of feminism, and you could argue that every heroine since — real or imagined — owes her. The embodiment of Wonder Woman, in turn, was Lynda Carter. An azure-eyed singer from Arizona who won the 1972 Miss World USA pageant, Lynda went on to Hollywood in 1976 to win the role of Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman, which would run on TV for three indelible years (and for eternity on cable and web). But she never gave up her first love, singing, and pursued it in four network specials, alongside the likes of Kenny Rogers, Ray Charles, Tom Jones, and Merle Haggard, and beyond. Her 2009 CD, At Last, made it to the Billboard top ten. Now, en route to performing her acclaimed cabaret show at the Rrazz Room in San Francisco’s Hotel Nikko, she has graciously deigned to bring her enduring beauty, truth and superpowers to the first lunchtime Toast of the Tip, this Thursday, April 21 at 1:00 pm. To attend the Tip lunch and/or Rrazz Room show, click here or spin real fast.

Work + News

Vaccination: our state’s best shot

As reported in AdAge and Adweek, DC was awarded the state’s $40 million campaign to bolster public confidence in Covid-19 vaccinations. And work is already underway on this critical effort.

Animating anti-smoking

The spots are animated. The struggle is real. True tales of former smokers on the perilous path to quitting.

InnovAsian: The Next Generation

DC is back with seconds of our award-winning, supply-chain-busting InnovAsian Occasion campaign now running on stations across the nation.

Kona Brewing

Not only did viewers rank the TV spots above those of market leaders Corona and Dos Equis, they gave them the third highest score for any alcohol-related ad that year. Which might be one good reason for a frothy 37% sales increase.

Beautyscape in the Bahamas

Created by DCLA for e.l.f., the fifth installment of the award-winning influencer program is now underway in the Bahamas. And garnering more heat than ever.

Two female presenting teens are at a table in a school library. One female with dark curly hair is sitting down with her back to the frame. The other is standing over the table with SweeTarts gummies in both hands and smiling.

SweeTARTS' Be Both is back

After the sweet success of last year’s 'Be Both' launch, SweeTARTS is doubling down on the campaign to Gen Z with brand new work in market now — and more to come in 2021.

CBS x Alfred Coffee · Emmy Awards

DCLA partnered CBS Studios with Alfred Coffee to reach Emmy voters and garner support for Star Trek: Picard. The timely work tapped into the diversity and inclusion central to Gene Roddenberry’s original vision.

Action shot of a pink nike shoe as it hits the concrete. The person wearing the shoe is running. A pink Rakuten logo appears above the shoe as if it popped out from her shoe indicating the runner is a Rakuten user.


Loyalty or discount program advertising often dwells in the downscale world of the coupon clipper — a turnoff to savvier online shoppers. Our strategy was to present Rakuten as every bit as premium as the brands it offered rebates on.


Even the mild-mannered have something inside that drives them wild. And thanks to StubHub that wild thing is busting out all over.

Gap · Dress Normal

Gap asked us to build consideration and generate trial for their newly launched “Dress Normal” brand platform. Thirty influential Instagram photogs helped us do just that.

This way to health insurance

Today marks the launch of our first campaign for Covered California as part of a five-year, $400-million effort to help all Californians get the health insurance they need.

Kettle Brand

The “Stirring the Pot” work celebrates Kettle Brand's counterculture legacy and all those that zig when others zag.