Tip Events

What does CREDO really believe in? Martinis!


In keeping with the Nirvana song, “Serve the Servants,” not to mention the Kiss song, “Cold Gin,” the marketing department at CREDO Mobile served as bartenders for its agency-of-record last Friday evening at selfsame agency-of-record’s fabulous penthouse bar. Generously conceived, ingeniously created and damply executed by the clients, this unique role-reversal event was scheduled — in theory — to run from 5 to 8 pm. In practice, the last of the amateur “bartenders” finally departed the Tip at midnight — roughly three hours after all involved had departed the planet — amid much politically incorrect smack-talk about how the client-side could actually outdrink the agency-side. Them’s fighting words at the Tip! Stay tuned for round deux. (And heartfelt thanks to Jenn, John, Liza, Rob, Michal, Bethany, Kathy, whatshisname with the beard, and that other guy, too. I think.)

See all the photos here.