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Tip Records releases mind-blowing new Gary Wilson album, Putin flips out


Today marks the launch of Gary Wilson’s first Tip Records full-length, Feel the Beat, featuring 16 mind-bending new songs from the yellow-begloved, hospital-begowned, duct-betaped master of mind-bendery. The album features return appearances by such stalwart Gary stalkees as Mary, Linda and Cheryl, as well as the premiere of a new Wilson crush, Lugene, who apparently kissed him. In honor of the release, Escondido, CA, declared today Gary Wilson Day, which in turn sparked a wildfire of encomiums and tributes all over San Diego County, as well as in Russia, where Vladimir Putin ripped off his shirt in front of reporters to reveal a still-bloody tattoo of Gary Wilson’s face. In France, truckdrivers called a one-day nationwide strike in order to stay home and “baisez le Wilson,” as the practice is known. Best of all, anyone can now join the fun at iTunesAmazoneMusicSpotify and more. Or stream it via the Tip Records app.

Limited edition 7″ vinyl, CD and video to come in January 2012.

Track listing below.