Tip Events

The Tip is open!


Open, indeed, and spurting merriment over the 400 some revelers who came to downtown San Francisco on March 28th from as far away as New York and as close by as 111 Minna.

D/C’s tin-ceilinged, black-and-white penthouse lounge throbbed to the music of DJ Spesh and his Qool Records posse until well past midnight in a celebratory frenzy of dance and drink that could only be described as pagan. So named because, um, it’s at the top of SF’s historic Adam Grant building, the Tip was envisioned as a Zen-like place of refuge and reflection. When that didn’t work out, it turned into the most off-the-hook party space in the western marketing world.

And on Friday the 28th, the Tip was just the tip of the iceberg, as D/C’s grand re-opening extravaganza also saw the agency cut the ribbon on the rest of its new global HQ — conveniently located one floor down from the lounge via unprepossesing fire-stairs or scary, 1937-era private elevator.

There on the 14th (and main) floor, distinguished guests were serenaded by the Baguette Quartette and entranced by a leaping, swirling, cymbal-crashing Chinese Lion-Dance troupe. Meanwhile, delectable eats were dished out by our old homeys from Sol Food — San Rafael’s temple of Puerto Rican cucina. And complimentary, post-prandial stogies were rolled on the spot by the masterful (if irascible) Rene Garcia of Havana, Cuba (via Bradenton, Florida).

Oh, and, for no apparent reason, a giant, ill-mannered bunny showed up.

Still, judging by the fact that the bartenders emptied the well-stocked, custom-made bar three times and the DJs went into overtime, an exceptionally good time was had by all.

Many thanks to all our clients, friends (many of them one and the same) and family. And very special thanks to our long-suffering (due to a profoundly short schedule) contractor, Charlie Phipps of Richlen Construction, who managed (among many other wondrous feats) to turn a graceless pit of a room into a glistening Tip.

See all the photos here.