Tip Events

That’s “Sir” Tip to you


Now it can be told: on 7 February 2011, Parker Channon (frequently mistaken for Parker Shannon) received a certified letter from the US Department of Interior informing him that D/C’s penthouse lounge, the Tip, had been awarded landmark status as an “Historic Tavern.”

After Shannon got back from the hospital, where he was treated for a heart attack, planning began for a celebration. In consultation with Deputy Secretary of the Interior Erskine, it was decided that the induction ceremony, and more importantly the crazy party that would follow, should take place on the 225th birthday of the original “Typ” bar and (frankly) bawdyhouse (back when it was on the waterfront), which also happens to be the third anniversary of D/C’s restoration of the Tip, as well as (heaven forfend) Cinco de Mayo.

So if you’re a history buff and enjoy food, tequila and the musical stylings of Easystreet and the legendary Donnie Finnell Trio (with Gary Wilson and Carlos Rull), hie thee to an historic tavern at six on the fifth.