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Suitcase Junket: 1-man band singing 2 notes at the same time

Suitcase Junket

There is nothing or no one like the Suitcase Junket. Our first Tunes at the Tip of 2016 stars a young artist from Amherst, MA (real name: Matt Lorenz) who’s not only an exceptional songwriter, he’s a one-man band. Oh, and a Tuvan-style throat singer. With, as the No Depression reviewer put it, “a tinge of Waits and a hint of Dylan.” It’s blues, folk, protest and punk, with those unusual vocals and energetic slide guitar on top and “trash” percussion below. “The Suitcase Junket is much more than a curiosity or a novelty act,” said the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, “he’s a serious artist who shouts and winks at us at the same time, and has deep things to say to an open mind.”