Tip Events

Roofie benefit with 2 trippy bands, mind-blowing lightshow


The Vortex Room is the coolest speakeasy in this city, and we oughta know because we’ve got the second coolest. But the secret SOMA venue is threatened again with eviction, and we’ve invited Neil Martinson – DJ, promoter and Vortex proprietor – to again curate a show, and we’re asking you to donate 10 measly bucks to help keep his doors open and the avant garde alive. In return, Neil has put together a doozy of a trippy roofie, featuring the neo-psych sonorities of The Shape, the thumping psych-pop of The Soft Bombs and, for an extra-special psychedelic treat, a real, live liquid light show by the celebrated Fillmore and Avalon alumnus Mad Alchemy. Meanwhile, at the wheels with his stellar vinyl stash, DJ Neil will make sure your trip never tarries. As usual, a yeti will be at the door with a list, so make sure you put yourself on it.