Tip Events

Robots are coming!

We all learned a thing or two this past Friday when medical anthropologist, cyber-sexpert and MD/PhD. candidate Laura G. Duncan (not necessarily no relation) brought her “Hey, Where’s My Robot Girlfriend?” multimedia show to the never-more-aptly named Tip. Musical foreplay was provided by Chel C. Faith, who performed a live PA salute to robot eroticism on stompboxes, loopstations and mixers. Aphrodisia was provided by 600 Hog Island oysters served raw and al fresco on the Tip roof and washed down with a fearsome concoction called Robot Sex on the Beach created by D/C’s friends at The Alcohol Enthusiast. One thing we learned was that there’s a masturbatory machine world way beyond the mere vibrator. The other thing we learned was that masturbatory machines are a surefire way to pack the house.

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