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Finn distributes goosebumps at Toast of Tip


One audience member no doubt summed it up for many when she said that Craig Finn performing his Hold Steady songs, alone on acoustic guitar, for 100 lucky invitees, gave her “goosebumps.”

This past Friday evening at the pseudo-legendary Tip, Hold Steady singer and lyricist Craig talked onstage with D/C’s de-frocked rock critic, Bob Duncan, for close to an hour, and revealed, among other tidbits: he had at one time hatched plans to become a comedian; his parents had attended the Newport Folk Festival in 1966 and somehow missed Bob Dylan; he is just as witty in person as on record. He interspersed his thoroughly engaging chat with haunting, stripped-down versions of “Arms and Hearts,” “Certain Songs” and “Magazines.”

An amazing time was had by all. See the photo set.