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Can there be a serious discussion about something called “teledildonics”?


Find out September 30 at the first officially NSFW Toast of the Tip – “Hey, Where’s My Robot Girlfriend? – An Exploration of Sexual Robotics, Teledildonics and Carnal Technology.” So you get our drift. But beyond the titillating (no pun) headline, it’s a fascinating picture of what’s really going on in sci-fi and in a real-life subculture that has discovered a, shall we say, deeper engagement with machines. A Brooklyn-based medical anthropologist, sexual health researcher and Trekkie, Laura Duncan (no relation) has been presenting her multimedia lectures all over New York to rave reviews from the Village VoiceNew York magazine and Lemondrop.com, and a profile in Time Out. In addition to her forays into pop culture, the overachieving twenty-something pursues a career as a researcher, writer, sex educator, doula and student pursuing an MD/PhD in public health. It seems all too appropriately inappropriate that she has found her way to the Tip.