VICE invades Russia, aided and abetted by Duncan Channon

This past May the Brooklyn-based, world-dominating hipster brand VICE finally expanded into Russia. It turned out the Russian franchisee was an American expat with, let’s just say, Duncan Channon connections. Here are a couple of the teaser videos DC developed, one for the arrival of the brand, one for the brand’s big Moscow launch party (below), sponsored by Puma, styled as a Puma Social Club event (for “after-hours athletes”) and featuring bar sports. Like darts.

DIY D/C and the dawn of viral

Created in 1999 as an alternative to a ho-hum paper holiday card, this Duncan/Channon self-promo turned out to be one of the first viral videos — before anyone even knew what viral was. The modest intent was merely to email a link (and, of course, a laugh) to a hundred clients, friends and vendors. But within 30 days, the video had been viewed more than 50,000 times, all around the world. One client even held a mandatory, company-sponsored screening for their entire marketing department. The agency lost track when viewership crossed the 100,000 mark. But even today, nine years on, prospective employees arrive at the agency’s door citing this as having first piqued their interest. Alas, in the transition this past spring to a new D/C website, the eternal masterpiece was somehow overlooked. Therefore, due to overwhelming demand (and an inquisitive client), D/C is today restoring this pioneering piece of web cinema to its honored place on the agency’s site.