The royal treatment continues for Mario & Sonic

After selling a majestic 2.4 million copies (and counting) on the Wii, Sonic and Mario at the London 2012 Olympic Games is set to drop on the Nintendo 3DS. And D/C is dropping a new TV spot to commemorate the auspicious return of gaming royalty. Running throughout North America, Brazil and online in the EU, the spots, filled with inside jokes and sight gags, are sure to bring home more gold for two of the industry’s all-time winners.

Faster than a speeding you-know-what

Every new Sonic game offers players a new power or new characters, but what always brings the fans back is the pure, unadulterated speed of Sonic himself. Hence, the motivation behind D/C’s fourth live action spot for the venerable franchise. Using a Phantom HD high-speed camera shooting at 6,000 frames a second, the agency was able to capture an actual moving bullet, parodying the famous Edgerton strobe photos of the 1960s. Then it was composited with normal frame-rate action to complete the effect and — voila —the high-speed hedgehog is back.