He got the beat

Next month at the Tip, Duncan/Channon’s fantabulous, soon-to-be-semi-famous penthouse lounge, we’re going to kick off a monthly speaker series. Not boring, corporate speakers or academic pontificators. Not self-promoters or product hucksters. And definitely not anyone in the advertising business. The idea, as the mission statement has it, is to get “people who matter in the world today,” folks with big ideas and deep resumes and, preferably, a well-developed sense of humor. The series is titled “Toast of the Tip,” but, more importantly, it’s subtitled: “Private conversations with people we think are cool.”

And, holy shit, did we score.

Our first guest speaker is a guy by the name of Richard Gottehrer. If you’re in the music biz, you know his name (and if you don’t, you’re not really in the music biz and/or — all due respect — get the fuck out). If you’re a true fan, you know his name because you pay attention to album credits (and if you don’t, sorry, you’re not really a true fan). And if you’re just a garden variety music-appreciating civilian, well, brace yourself. Dude’s the mack. And you’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t know him before. Anyway, here’s the brief bio we put together for the invitation:

He’s a man of the future with the most incredible past. In fact, it’s hard to imagine any one who spans more ages and phases of popular music, popular culture and popular technology than Richard Gottehrer. He is a legend who has never become an oldies act, a visionary who has remained a visionary for close to half a century, a fun guy who, in a business characterized by biblical-scale betrayals, has never lost his sense of humor. He also happens to be a composer, performer, producer, entrepreneur and sage.

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