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Sephora’s challenge: to coherently and compellingly introduce an extensive new product line, with dozens of colors, to the web’s surprisingly vast and vocal community of nail artists and nail fangirls. DC’s UX solution: the first social media site for nail art enthusiasts, complete with user profiles, user portfolios, follow capability and more.


California Tobacco Control Program what was commissioned as a landing page for the TV, print, outdoor and banners, unfolded into a full-fledged website that was both a repository for vaping info and multifaceted journey into the heart of e-cig darkness. In striking, stripped-down images, with starkly conversational, sometimes ironic words, the site leads the user into learning more about the dire ingredients of this “safe” new mode of smoking. Conceived, designed and developed by Duncan Channon.

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Fashion god

For this partnership of Sephora and Marc Jacobs, the UX challenge was both simple and incredibly complex: marry seamless function — a user experience that helps shoppers understand the new product line and make satisfying choices — with mesmerizing Marc Jacobs-approved form.

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Punk Rock Pinterest

A palette, a photograph, a late-night tweet from Kat. Any and all of these are jumping off points into the world of Kat Von D Beauty. More curated than designed, users experience the vibrant, real-time, social feel of a newsfeed presented in dark, beautiful, enigmatic glamour.

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Total trip

Where the north side of the lake might be good for a quiet cocoa by the fire, Tahoe South’s side is about excitement, all day and (if you choose) all night. Beyond portraying the wide range of activities, this site goes brings the dynamism with extensive hooks to social media. Because there’s nothing more exciting for a traveler than talking about their trips.

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Real cool

The Hard Rock memorabilia collection encompasses 70,000 fascinating pieces — from Prince’s tiny purple boots to the handwritten lyrics for “Imagine” to thousands of guitars — and is 100% real. It’s also the basis of the brand’s authenticity. The goal here was to enable the entire world, beyond even the millions of annual in-person visitors, to get up-close and personal with the objects — and with the brand’s enduring coolnes. The site, featuring Deep Zoom technology, became the foundation for digital kiosks, walls and tables at all properties.


It’s the chicken

Want a good egg that’s guilt-free? Raise your chickens right. At the Happy Egg Co., that means “free-range.” But shoppers don’t know what that means. So it was critical this site not just tell, but show confused consumers — with extensive video, shot on location at the company’s Arkansas farm — the happy hens that produce happy, healthy, humane eggs.

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Marqeta is a startup that wants to change the way people pay. It needs a site that can accommodate prospects, customers, merchants, prospective merchants and investors. The product story is complicated — basically, you pre-pay to gain discounts. The product process is complicated — a cardholder has to decide how much she wants to deposit in her card account this week or month for which merchants. And because the target is youngish moms, it helps to present it all with a little style.

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Modern redux

Coming out of Esurance’s DC-led rebrand and, in part, tying into a DC-produced ad campaign, this site had to feel human, inspire trust and demonstrate that the company that pioneered online car insurance has made shopping for car insurance easy all over again.