Brand identity



Comprehensive rebrand, brand strategy and tagline development for leading online learning platform, Udemy, featuring custom art and lettering by the Bézier wizards at Underware.

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Redhook Brewlab

How do you get the next generation of craft beer lovers to take notice, to see you in a new light? The answer for Redhook wasn’t an ad campaign. The answer was an experience. A brewpub that put Redhook’s pioneering, innovative techniques on display. Named and designed by yours truly.

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Revising the brand ID meant, first, revising the logo to make it simpler, more streamlined, more authoritative. So, the StubHub mark went from two-color to one, the rounded talk-bubble became angular, the drop-shadow on the exclamation was dropped. This new mark was designed to work in the context of an overall new look, with richer, more contemporary colors, more assertive type and a heavy rule to help keep it organized. At the same time, the new look also called for photography — especially photography that was iconic, dynamic, modern and yet timeless.



A decades old, universally recognized brand, Hard Rock had lost its way — and was losing its audience. The goal of the relaunch, awarded top prize in the Rebrand 100 competition, was to restore the luster that had once motivated stars to hand over guitars. This meant cleaning up logos, creating an overarching corporate logo, finding a way to say “rock ’n’ roll restaurant” wordlessly and opening up to modern music, among eight years of other things.


Rebrand for the long haul

Esurance was born in the irrational exuberance of the dotcom bubble, with ads featuring an animated super-agent. So it’s not surprising its products succeeded with a youth demo or that, a decade later, focus-groupers dubbed it “cartoon car insurance.” The challenge was to rebrand for a more affluent, discerning customer, to portray a brand that was human, while epitomizing modern convenience, simplicity and stability.


Wild side

New name. New logo. New brand. The mission of the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority is to promote tourism on the south side of the famous lake, which encompasses outdoor fun in the snow and sun, as well as indoor fun at restaurants, bars and Nevada casinos. Shedding their historic discomfort with this dichotomy, the renamed Tahoe South client was convinced to embrace its wild side, even as its new mark retained flavorful aspects of its Sierra heritage.

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New wine, old bottle

No marketing-driven “critter” wine, the challenge for Farrier, a new luxe libation, was to bring in a sense of history, terroir and romance without dragging out the cliched oak barrels or little ole winemaker. This widely honored ID and packaging instead taps into the property’s 19th century background, when building and land were home to a well-regarded blacksmith and functioned as a community meeting-place.

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Adults only

Once the stomping ground of staggering starlets, the Palms was undergoing a complete remodel and looking to relaunch as a new kind of Las Vegas luxury and sophistication. Still naughty, but in a more adult, less showy way, befitting a resort discreetly located off the Strip.

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Beauty by the book

Blurb’s consumer promise: create and print a custom book worthy of your most precious content. Because this is the self-publisher dedicated not just to online convenience, but to design, craftsmanship, beauty. Which means, of course, its branding could be nothing less than immaculate.


New money

This startup sought to reinvent the way we pay, making deals with merchants to offer steep discounts for Marqeta members who fill their card (and that merchant’s account) in advance — in effect, pre-paying. Every purchase is “plused” up, so that’s where DC started with development of this complete identity system, card design, website and collateral.

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Fifty-year-old Interasia was purchased by one of the world’s largest shipping firms, which wanted to reignite the enthusiasm of prospects, customers and its young employees. In addition to a full ID system, the project included designs for ships and containers and required DC creatives to undergo a crash course in the antiquated methods of the container-painting industry and consult with a South San Francisco body shop. The mark evokes a container in motion.

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Rakuten is back with the latest installment of the “Power of R” campaign, this time featuring a relatively well-known professional basketball player. Poised to continue the brand’s successful awareness-building, watch for the commercials all up and down your TV dial and across the digital universe.

DC is pleased to announce the arrival of Noël Johnson as our first director of marketing and client engagements. Noël’s here to help us secure and onboard new clients, but also to continue engaging over time as a true client advocate. Her hybrid role offers clients additional senior leadership involvement as part of DC’s commitment to building close, productive long-term relationships with clients.

Tobacco flavors that seem fun and vaping devices that look like tech gadgets have led teens, and even parents, to underestimate the damage of nicotine. Most people know it’s addictive. But addiction is only the beginning. Nicotine is a neurotoxin whose changes to the teen brain could be permanent. And that’s what our campaign sets out to communicate.