Brought to you by the Hard Rock channel

Hard Rock runs a massive video system that is displayed on flat-screens and wall projections throughout its 140 cafes, hotels, casinos and live venues worldwide. But, until now, this highly visible channel has not had a single piece of video to identify what it is. In addition, the system needed a looping piece to fill the monitors when music other than music videos was playing (e.g., a band or DJ).

So, first, D/C developed a musical signature for the channel, a flexible, 3-7-second piece that, in order to transcend tastes, trends, languages and genres — not to mention, cut through lots of ambient noise — is almost entirely made up of percussion.

Then the agency produced, directed and shot a series of guerilla-style bumpers, lo-fi animations and loops that, in both their style and substance, conveyed much more about the brand than that it has a A/V system. (The fine music accompanying the loop is merely for demo purposes. In reality, the loop is, of course, silent.)

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