New site, branding for high-level Microsoft group

There are only 150 of them, and they’re among the most influential technologists in the world. That’s because they have been selected by Microsoft to serve as outside advisors on new and prospective products. Called Microsoft Regional Directors (though their roles have nothing to do with geographical regions), they’re given regular technology previews and confidential briefings but, in order to preserve their impartiality, not a cent of Redmond’s money. The problem that D/C was invited to solve was that they had no compelling place to congregate and exchange information on the web. With back-end development by Microsoft partner Vertigo, D/C architected and designed a site that aggregated the Directors’ blogs and commentary in one convenient location. To finally answer the oft-asked question — “What region are you guys directors of?” — D/C named it The Region. The site has been an instant success, winning kudos from techies in and out of MS.