Doodling when we should be paying attention: GMROI

Doodling while a teacher drones on? Well, it happens in the post-academic world, too (and that’s why, one surmises, this item belongs in Yearbook???). Crafted during a boring conf call, this mega-doodle makes reference to a bizarre new business pitch that added the word “GMROI” to the D/C lexicon. A prospective client insisted on showing us his corporate video, explaining it would make everything clear. Periodically during the vid an acronym would pop up onscreen and an old-school announcer would exclaim, “Gimroy!” Round about the fifth repetition, some of us started to laugh. Soon all of us were laughing. We didn’t get the job. But we did get GMROI. To you it may mean Gross Margin Return On Investment. To us, it means, well, “Gimroy!”

GMROI Encabulator
US Patent 6707659 and other patents PENDING
Filed 1 Nov 1990 | Duncan/Channon Inc.