Frank Lloyd Wright, unrehearsed and uncensored

Good evening. What you are about to witness is an unrehearsed and uncensored interview. My name is Mike Wallace. The cigarette is Philip Morris.

For the sake of all that is decent and holy, take the time and watch this 1957 interview of “America’s foremost social rebel.” Yeah, it’s long. (An hour or so?) Crazy long for this kind of format, I know. But it’s amazing. Completely inspiring and pretty funny in spots. Funny watching young, ambitious Mike Wallace go toe-to-toe with 88-year old, unapologetic Frank Lloyd Wright.

Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the greatest architects of the 20th century, talks to Wallace about religion, war, mercy killing, art, critics, his mile-high skyscraper, America’s youth, sex, morality, politics, nature and death.

There are a ton of other interviews here — all from the same 1950s program, “The Mike Wallace Interview”. Steve Allen, Salvador Dali, Aldous Huxley, Henry Kissinger, Tony Perkins, and on and on. Bummer you can’t download.