D/C pops cork on winery site

There’s no other winery like it. And now there’s no other winery site like it.

Murphy-Goode was started 23 years ago almost on a lark by three wine-drinking, poker-playing, practical-joking buddies, and, even as it’s now ensconced among the Jackson Family Wines, it continues to operate on the principle that winemaking should be at least as fun as wine.

That’s the same principle behind Duncan/Channon’s development, as part of a complete brand overhaul, of (And maybe the same principle behind Duncan/Channon — no doubt, agency and client are a good pairing.)

So along with recipes, there are instructions for Texas Hold ’Em. Along with shots of bottles, there are shots of winemaker Dave Ready, Jr. in his favorite viking helmet, not to mention in his pre-winemaking rock band. Of course, there are official tasting notes for critics and real serious types to download. But there are also minute-long streaming-video snippets where Dave makes those notes come to amusing life.

With its funky family snapshots and self-consciously low-tech interactivity, the bigger story this website tells is of a highly collegial, highly genial — and highly un-corporate — winery that doesn’t just make a fine lineup of wines, but makes fun.