Another sweet new client

Black Forest, so juicy, so good. The Black Forest logo appears with a red gummy bear hanging over the top. In the background is a lush green forest. Sunlight peaks through and shines on a patch of green plants.

If you missed it in Adweek and Ad Age, DC went to the Black Forest and hit the gummy bear motherlode. 

That’s right, the wonderful folks at Ferrara Candy, who last year awarded us the vaunted SweeTARTS account, invited us to pitch for their Black Forest gummies brand, too. And we’re proud to say that, after a spirited pitch with illustrious competitors, they were kind enough to pick us again. Their marketing director, Kate Adams, even had this nice thing to say:

“It was clear throughout the pitch that Duncan Channon put Black Forest in their heart. Their insightful creative ideas and passion to help build Black Forest into the next great Ferrara brand stood out and matched our ambition. We’re excited to have such a collaborative partner in making Black Forest both beloved and well-known.” 

Expect to see an integrated TV campaign coming this summer. And if you haven’t tried the juicy deliciousness of Black Forest gummies yet, what on earth are you waiting for?