A: Crispin, Arnold, Bartle – and D/C

Q: Who is among the finalists for this year’s O’Toole Awards?

Presented annually by the American Association of Advertising Agencies, the O’Toole’s are among the most prestigious U.S. ad awards. Or, as the 4A’s explains: “Because they honor creative excellence for an agency’s body of work over a period of a single calendar year, the AAAA O’Toole Award competition is one of the most challenging awards programs in our industry.”

So there we are, one of just three finalists in the under-100-employees category and, with our direct competitors (Arnold and TAXI) being local offices of way bigger companies, the only one that’s truly under 100.

D/C’s four submissions represent a wildly diverse set of work for a wildly diverse set of clients: Birkenstock, ZoneAlarm, Hard Rock and Vertigo. And while the winners won’t be announced until April 29 at the 4A’s annual conference, it’s already an “extraordinary honor,” according to one industry insider, to even make the finals. Indeed, the finalists in the larger agency categories include two of the most frequently honored creative shops, Crispin, Porter, Bogusky and Bartle, Bogle and Hegarty.

So, hooray for us. And, btw, hooray for the great clients that let us do that great work.

Wanna see the work? Birkenstock, ZoneAlarm, Hard Rock, Vertigo.