Shiseido relaunches

What better venue to make a grand re-entrance than Fashion Week? Shiseido’s pop-up experience drove huge engagement, reintroducing the brand in style.

Over the years, DCLA has truly mastered the art of the temporary curated experience. Grounded in the collection’s textural cornerstones, our pop-up for Shiseido was immersive and multi-sensorial, with guests walking through rooms inspired by the collection’s four textures (gel, dew, powder, and ink) to explore the new range. Additionally, the pop-up featured a photo exhibit by director and photographer Mike Rosenthal as well as a reserved-seating Japanese tasting menu inspired by the textures. 

The weekend attracted over 1,500 guests across four days (almost doubling the program’s KPI) and earned over 227M total media impressions and 31M+ total social impressions.